Types of Towbar

We offer a range of towbars from all the leading manufacturers including, WitterPCTThuleWestfaliaTow Trust and Watling to include fixed neck flange, swan neck and detachable systems.

There are three different types in common use.

Detachable Towbars

Allows the tow ball to be quickly detached from the vehicle and stored in the boot if you prefer to retain the original look of the vehicle. As the Swan Neck, this choice limits the use of the ball for cycle carriers to those designed to attach directly on to the tow ball.

Swan Neck Towbars

The tow ball is an integral part of the bracket. This choice does not allow the use of cycle carriers that have a two bold fitting.

Flange Type Towbars

The tow ball is attached to the tow bracket by the means of two bolts. This allows a number of attachments to be secured to the tow bracket and also allows the tow ball to be replaced if it gets damaged or worn.